IT Solutions

Established in 2015 today iTechjunkie Web Solutions is one of the pioneers in providing  I.T. infrastructure & solutions on various platforms. We use technology to empower customers by providing them with user- friendly solutions that enhance their productivity.
iTechjunkie Web Solutions today provides solutions to its customers in specking according to the application requirement, procuring at the best prices, country wide installation, and one of the best after sales support.
Our ideology is to be a consultant to the customer rather being a mere seller.


At a time when the economy is growing at a fast pace, your organization is growing and your competition is trying to catch up the pace with you, you require an iTechjunkie Web Solutions provider rather than a mere reseller who has a team of hard-core professionals and can use technology as a means to empower you, your organization with user-friendly solutions that enhance your productivity and provide you with a strategic advantage. In a nutshell you require a partner in growth rather than a mere reseller.


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     Network Setup & Configuration